Friday, October 9, 2009

Preguntas y mas preguntas...


I sit in my room thinking once more, what the h am I doing here again? Then my brain says, “well duh silly, you are here because you want to get to know your country better and understand where you came from, you know so that you can know where you’re going and all.” My heart concurs with a soft whisper “That’s right sweetie.”

It’s almost been a month and for those who know me, they know I have the names of the streets that surround me down by heart. I can walk these streets with my eyes closed with no problem (don’t worry I haven’t really tried it, just trying to make the point that I am really good with directions!). Soon enough I’ll memorize a map of the entire country and learn how to get to and from each corner of it. I start thinking, “knowing my way around,” is that really what I came here to do?

I then turn to ALL the major newspapers in the country and try to read up on my Dominican news. What do I get? Well for starters, they killed this person in this town, gas prices are up, and lets see what else, oh yeah the President was visiting the U.S. So this stuff is just news, same old news I would get if I were to open up a newspaper in just about any country in the world. So now what you might ask, well I am still figuring that out.

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