Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh France, how I miss thee...

This is a really random post. I am sitting here transcribing interviews for work and all of a sudden I started thinking about my first day in France almost 4 years ago. My very first experience that day was the “lotto” at my little sister’s school. This is what French people call Bingo. I am here laughing out loud at all of the things that confused the heck out of me that very first day. First, I had no clue they used kilometers in France, so when I noticed my host mom doing 110 on the highway, I was really scared. Then the lotto thing at the school, I was like, “really? Lotto for 12 year olds?” Finally, I remember buying my first thing in France, it was a bag of chips; I was excited because I was so hungry. I love cheese so of course I went for what I thought were cheese doodles. Let’s just say I thought wrong! They were peanut butter puffs and although I love peanut butter, these were so nasty.  I ended up going to bed hungry because I was too shy to ask my host mom for food on the first day.

That was my first day in France; the remaining 6 months were full of similar experiences. For example I ordered a Martini at a bar and it turned out to be the brand Martini that was so nasty it tasted like chicken bullion. I also ordered a Caesar salad once and got eggplants, eggs, salami and a whole lot of other stuff in my salad, it was good still. I miss France. I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself and took advantage of being there. I joined a gym, I volunteered at a bakery where I learned to bake bread with homeless people for homeless people. Oh and I almost forgot, I also went to school.

How could I forget all of the incredible friends I made? Going to St. Tropez, Nice, Paris, Aix, ahhhhhh! I want to go back so badly. Thank you France you were really good to me and I haven’t forgotten about you, hopefully we will see each other again really soon!!!!

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