Friday, October 9, 2009

My Trip to the Movies


Today I went on my weekly date to the movie theaters with my girl friend (pana fria or manita) and a really cool thing happened. During the movie the protagonist mentioned that his ex-fiancé was Dominican. Had I been in the States, I would have had the biggest grin on my face from so much excitement that my people were being represented in an American flick (even if it was a minor character and even if they only mentioned her Dominicaness once). But nobody would’ve been able to relate. However here in the DR, everyone felt the same way I feel back in the U.S. The entire audience went berserks. Everyone was ecstatic. At that moment I felt what I feel when I am back in Boston after I’ve been at school (in PA) for a long time. I look around and notice that all the license plates around me say Massachusetts and I get excited. Then a few seconds later, I’m like, “Hey dummy, you’re back in Massachusetts, remember?” Yup, that happens to me here all the time, but not so much with license plates, but with people’s faces. I am still getting use to the fact that almost 99% of people around me are Dominican.

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