Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spice Market in Dubai

The Spice Market in the medina (old city in Arabic) of Dubai was a magical place. I will argue that it is certainly not as cool as the medina in Fez, Morocco, but it is still rich in colors, aromas and wonderful people. You would think that because it is the oldest part of Dubai you would find tons of Dubai natives, but no. Instead, there were dozens of people from Iran who very politely asked me what I thought about their president. I very politely replied "no comments".

It's so interesting being who am an American, a Dominican, an African in a place where they are not accustomed to seeing this mix. When I am at the super market or anywhere for that matter, people are constantly looking at me and I can see them trying really hard to figure out where I am from. In the medina, some Iranians thought I was from Kenya or Nigeria. Very interesting.


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