Sunday, August 2, 2009

ATL: Gate E-27

Today I will share with you the amazing experience of the first day at my internship in Dubai. Not so fast! On Thursday July 30th, 2009 my connecting flight Add Imageto Atlanta was cancelled due to terrible thunderstorms. I waited 9 hours in the airport on stand by, tired, upset, and simply frustrated. I couldn’t get to ATL that night and as a result, I missed my flight to Dubai.

I called my mom and told her about the situation and she prayed and told me that my flight was cancelled for a reason. I got an amazing hook up from a wonderful mentor who generously booked me a hotel so that I could get some sleep before my 12-hour layover in Atlanta the next day and my 14-hour flight to Dubai.

My friends D was in Atlanta on vacation and when I called her, she was more than happy to hang out with me in the city. We shared a delicious breakfast and had amazing conversations. I could have never imagined what was to come in the following hours.

D took me to the home of Sammie Nicely, a unique artist. Here I met the most amazing people. Jerry, an influential and insightful anthropologist was among these Extra-Ordinary people. The vibe, the flow of positive energy, the life and the presence of our ancestors were all in attendance at this home. I felt rejuvenated with all the spiritual and intellectual juices that dripped from the hearts and minds of these folks. This was exactly what I needed for my long journey.

Sammie told me that his work was being displayed at the Atlanta international airport on the walls of Gate E-27. A few hours before my flight I visited Gate E-27 where I saw some of the best masks that I have ever seen in my life and where I felt that same energy and vibe that radiated at the Nicely home.

Let life happen.

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