Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear Mis Aventuras Around the World and Followers,

I have to confess that I have abandoned you because I am currently in an affair with this site called Remember how I use to write about my hair experiences here? How I had to create Dominicana Going Natural and Cabello Bueno because this blog was becoming too much about hair. Well this time I went all the way, yes all the way. (miss curls) is a site entirely in Spanish, yes you can only imagine how much I am struggling with the grammar and the writing, let's just call it challenging. It is about hair, natural hair that is. I am loving it because unlike MAATW I actually interact with people everyday. Women from literally all over the world send me questions about their hair. Now all you know me enough to realize that although I like hair, this is not really just about hair. It is a reaffirmation that I am beautiful as I am, naturally. It is a space that validates the beauty of women who are already natural or going through the process, contrary to most of the messages they get from society (that's here in the DR, as it is in US, Africa and many places in the world, the Standard of beauty is pretty Standard).

I started Miss Rizos because I saw the incredible need for a site like this for Dominican women and Latinas specifically. I obviously speak English and never felt the need to find a blog in Spanish, but I did want to hear more about the Latino perspective about hair because let's be honest, overall Latinas are way behind when it comes to accepting that many of them are descendants of Africans who were brought to this side of the world and enslaved. Lord knows that I have Black in me, showing itself in my beautiful dark skin and kinky hair.

I realized that although many Dominican women and Latinas weren't quite there yet with admitting, embracing and loving their shared heritage, there needed to be a place where people would be able to express themselves about what this all meant to them. I believe it is important to have a space where ideas are shared and respected, where a young women who writes that she went natural because it made her feel like an "Explosive Mulatta" can read about the young women who wrote about going natural because it signified her acceptance of being Black and vise-versa.

So on the 4th of July I celebrated my 1st year fully natural (the Afroversary) and coincidently, I launched the site the same day. The response has been quite incredible and at times even overwhelming. I will share some links bellow of some videos that my girl Paloma Valenzuela from La Gringa Loca Productions made for It was incredible working with her.

In these two months I have made new friends, talked about curls more than I could've ever imagined, slept very little, wrote many emails, yet I am incredibly happy about this entire thing. Let's just say that this Sunday August 28th along with a fellow blogger Pat Natural, from Go Natural Caribe, I will be hosting the FIRST natural hair meet-up in the Dominican Republic, pretty big deal right? Yes, like I said, I am super excited!!

Well folks, I promise I will try to come back here every so often because I really do love this place a lot. I will also keep you posted on all of the curly things happening at Miss Rizos. Check it out btw! We are also on Facebook as Miss Rizos and of course we are on Twitter as Miss_Rizos, oh wait and did I mentioned that we are also on Youtube as lamissrizos. Ok enough with all this curly stuff. Hugs and kisses to all. Check out these videos!

These are so site we appeared on

 Thank you…


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