Friday, April 23, 2010

Notes from my native land...

I really don't like abandoning my blog for so long, it's one of the ways I escape, a place where I feel comfortable, a place where I can deposit my feeling and thoughts. I have been in this country for a little over seven months! Wow! Time really flies, I mean it was seriously just yesterday when I was in Dubai and decided to buy a ticket to come here.

So seven months later, you might ask "and, how is it?" I have to say that it has honestly been a seven month long roller coaster, and I really don't like roller coasters, nonetheless the ride has been a very important and meaningful one. In seven months I opened up a bank account, got a cell phone plan, found an apartment on my own, have the electricity bill on my name, and have kept the same job that has facilitated all of these commodities. I have lived relatively modest.I have met many interesting people and found great friends. I have marched against the privatization of beaches, for Pro-Choice legislation, I have stood up for the rights of LGBTs, which to me only means that I have fought for my own rights as a citizen. On a professional level, I have traveled to Haiti several times, have written grant proposals, have learned tons of spanish and I really gotten a front row seat at the way NGOs and International Organizations work in the "third world".

I have missed my family and friends, but continue to be excited and grateful for having this opportunity to live here.

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