Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is me now...

Wow, it’s been longer than what I had anticipated, I really missed this space and today more than ever I realized how much I need it to grow, to share, to just be. It’s been a crazy couple of month, full of work and progress. I moved into my own space, I have acquired a million other responsibilities at work, I have touched lives and been touched by others, and most importantly, I have loved.

Today has been one hell of a day. It’s about 1:30am and I’ve been working since 7am yesterday morning. I called a dear friend on the phone to express my frustrations and she advice me to do the following: “write a list of all the things you’ve accomplish during the day, forget that the electricity went out, forget that you lost documents of your computer, those things don’t matter, what does matter is what you did accomplish.”

So here is what I did today: woke up at 6:45am and completed a guide for community mapping in a barrio I am working in, wrote two reports and turned them in, attended a 2 hour long important meeting, sent a total of 20 emails today, made a call to an important ally, printed and organized myself for the community mapping, executed the first part of a community mapping, had a 30mins conference call with a counterpart in Antigua, had a 2 hour long conference call with counterparts in NYC, completed two tasks for the Haiti project, and talked to an old friend. I am sure that I am probably missing some details, but I feel satisfied with this.

At the end of the day or should I say, at the end of the morning, there is a purpose for what I am doing. Today for example, during the community mapping we found out that they only sell condoms in one corner store in this Barrio where there are more than 15 Colmados/Bodegas. Condoms are only available in 2 locations, so how do people protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, STDs and unplanned pregnancies, in a marginalized, vulnerable, neglected community if protection is not available? Seeing these youth execute this mapping and interested in changing their own situation, really motivates me to work even harder.

Nonetheless, I need to learn how to balance and how to take the time to take care of me, we should all make that our goal.

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